Deview - Distant Relatives by Nas and Damian Marley

Listening to this album for the past few days, I will say that Damien Marley and Nas make a great duo. This album is full of great beats and had a message that came off self righteous initially, but taking time to actually delve into the lyrics and overall feel and background of the two artists you really start to feel their words and message. It takes a look at Africa's problems and issues with their government and social issues. At a time of the World Cup taking place in South Africa it takes the harsh and realistic look, some people are still ignorant to the massive and never ending struggle of the great continent.

Nas delivers some great lines and probably one of my favorite ending verses he spit on the end of "Strong Will Survive" talking about his divorce, alimony, messing with ball players wives and him wondering if his ex-wife did the same to him. The problem that some of his verses suffer from is the preaching. But this is Nas we're talking about...

Damian Marley production skills and Jamaican style shines in perfect harmony with African tribal drums in this album. Tribal War ft. K'naan is a prefect example of that. While his message still mirrors that of Welcome to Jamrock album it's still a breath of fresh air to contrast Nas' style.

I won't toss into the general pool of "classic albums" just yet, but I can see years down the line it could be seen as one of the finest examples of a crossover album. It's got great production, great lyrics, chemistry and guest spots.

I'd call it a MUST COP if you're a Nas fan, Damian Marley fan or just like good music.

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